How to Tackle a Research Paper about the Impact of Continued Fighting in Gaza Strip

Undoubtedly, the fighting in the Gaza Strip pits Israelis and Palestinians on two opposing sides. The fight is about many issues. Top on the list is often land. However, other factors also fuel the conflict. These include basic rights and freedoms, as well as security, justice or lack thereof, and economy as well as the quality of life. For this reason, any research paper on the impact of continued fighting in Gaza Strip has to mention all that and more, as you will see below.

Origin of the Conflict

Arguably, the most important topic to address on such a research paper is the origin of the conflict. As stated above, it features two countries – Israel and Palestine – that are forced to live in a single country. Palestine is mostly a struggling economy. Israel, on the other hand, is a first world economy. However, the main cause of the conflict isn’t about the economic situation. It’s about land rights, culture, religion, justice, and more.

Origins of the States

After looking at how the conflict started, the next issue to tackle is how the two countries came to be. How were they created? Other than that, the paper would also need to delve into the role that the world played in the creation of these countries. Without the United Nations, it’s difficult to see a situation where Israel would have been curved out of Palestine. How would the situation have panned out without the involvement of the global community?

Impact on Economy

Now that you have laid the foundation for the research paper, it would be great to tackle the impact of the continued fighting on the economy. In Israel, the unemployment rate stands at 5 percent. On the other hand, it stands at 17.7 percent and 42 percent in West Bank and Gaza Strip respectively. On top of that, the economic losses that Gaza has suffered over the years amounts to more than $200 million.

Impact on Healthcare

Again, Gaza Strip continues to experience the worst of the continued fighting. Its healthcare is in complete tatters. It’s common to see hordes of Palestinians making their way to Israel-occupied territories to seek better medical attention. Public health is in serious danger of collapsing completely the more the fighting continues. Furthermore, the lack of access to clean water increases the likelihood of severe outbreaks of diseases.

Impact on Education

The research paper also has to look at the impact of the continued fighting on education. In Gaza Strip, there is no doubt that poverty and violence have made it extremely difficult for children – and students in general – to access quality education. A case in point is the presence of more than 240,000 students having to access education from only 252 UNRWA schools. Moreover, students are never assured of a full day’s worth of education in these schools.

Its full impact is easy to see in the following areas:

  • Underfunded education
  • Students regularly failing their examinations
  • Over 94% of all schools run double shifts for different sets of schools
  • Severe truncation of children’s education

Impact on the Environment

Your research paper would be incomplete if it doesn’t talk about the impact of continued fighting on the environment. The constant shelling and dropping of bombs all over Gaza Strip has created an ecological disaster, which nobody seems to be in a hurry to solve. Consequently, there is no guarantee that the next generation will even be able to live, study, worship, or work in suitable surroundings. The local flora and fauna are in a crisis.

Impact on Agriculture and Food

It’s difficult to see Palestinians in the Gaza Strip dedicating much of their time in productive activities such as farming and all manner of food production. How can they when they are constantly worrying about evading enemy fire? Remember that the unending fighting has completely destroyed the region’s coastal aquifer, which is its main source of water. What is more, cultivable land seems to be shrinking too, thus exposing locals to risk of starvation.